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IMCAS China – Shanghai


IMCAS China - Shanghai

The leading subjects on plastic surgery and cosmetic dermatology: from pathology to aesthetic

With the official support of the Huashan Hospital of Shanghai - Plastic Surgery and Dermatology services, this brand new IMCAS China 2012 intends to learn from our previous Asian congresses, whether there were held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok ... and from the recent IMCAS Annual Meeting 2012, in Paris.

In a spirit of exchange, IMCAS wants to consolidate the aesthetic fundamentals while beneficiating from the expertise and specialities of China major key opinion leaders.


Course Director

Benjamin ASCHER, Plastic Surgeon, France

Course Coordinators

Henry Hin Lee CHA, Dermatologist, Hong Kong SAR China

Xiongzheng David MU, Plastic Surgeon, China

Leihong Flora XIANG, Dermatologist, China

Kotaro YOSHIMURA, Plastic Surgeon, Japan

Scientific Secretaries

Daniel DEL VECCHIO, Plastic Surgeon, United States

Moshe LAPIDOTH Dermatologist, Israel


IMCAS CHINA 2012 preliminary program is already available, and will feature as always:

• Scientific sessions

• Sponsored symposia

• Live demonstrations (of 20 min each)


IMCAS seeks not only to be aware of latest trends and novelties, but also to be a solid ground for innovation itself, associating to its significant teaching pro- gram an exchange platform. A platform designed to help with the commercial and marketing development of new ideas as well as the gathering of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology ideas and minds.


Indeed hoping for your participation, we extend a warm welcome to you to join us in enjoying Shanghai hospitality!

Vers un Outreau du médicament et de la santé dans l'affaire du Médiator de Servier ?

La question est certes provocante mais l?affaire du Mediator doit nous servir de prétexte pour nous interroger sur les faits et sur leurs interprétations,...

Imcas Asia – Hong Kong - October 4 to 6, 2012



Who are we ?

What began more than a decade ago has now grown in terms of participation and renown. As such, IMCAS has become one of the most important international courses dedicated to Aging Skin Treatments. Our Annual Congress is held every year in Paris in late January and welcomes more than 4 500 delegates from 70 different countries.


Four sessions of IMCAS Conferences are held annually:


IMCAS ASIA in October 2012 in HONG KONG

IMCAS INDIA in October 2012 in NEW DELHI


What's happening in 2012 ?

For six years now IMCAS has made Asia its second pole of action, exploring the north as well as the south of this magnetic continent. Asia has many faces and this is why IMCAS has chosen to export itself all over this continent considered as the place to be when it comes to development and innovation.

With the official support of:

                  The Hong Kong College of Dermatologists

                  The Hong Kong Society of Dermatology and Venereology

                                Hong Kong Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

In 2012, we chose to reiterate Hong Kong’s edition for the 2nd time as this city appears to be a whole world itself, and one of the top economical players on the globe. Indeed, Hong Kong is ranked third on the worldwide financial city, is the second «best countries to invest in», and is called the « most thrilling city on the planet ».

IMCAS ASIA 2012 preliminary program is already available, and will feature as always:

Scientific sessions Sponsored symposia Live demonstrations (of 20 min each) Teaching Courses The Incubator Corner The IMCAS Industry Tribune, focused on the Asian Market

For Hong Kong is also a great Think Tank gathering great minds and featuring some of the major science & technology parks. In a nutshell, the «Fragrant Harbour» is a perfect area to host a congress such as IMCAS, carrying values of qualitative teaching and scientific sharpness as well as discovery and pleasure.

There is a lot of focus now on the Asian aesthetic market because it has the highest growth rate of any region of the world in terms of financial growth as well as procedures.

Michael Moretti, CEO, Medical Insight Inc., USA


The IMCAS ASIA 2012 Scientific Board

Benjamin ASCHER, Plastic Surgeon, France

Henry Hin Lee CHAN, Dermatologist, Hong Kong SAR China

Chee Leok GOH, Dermatologist, Singapore

Tokuya OMI, Dermatologist, Japan

Gilbert ZAKINE, Plastic Surgeon, France

Sau Yan David WONG, Plastic Surgeon, Hong Kong SAR China

Henry Hing Fung HO, Dermatologist, Hong Kong SAR China

It’s not only the market but the practice itself of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology that has find a new lease on life in Asia.
Different patients, different needs, different approaches... The continent has a lot to offer in terms of teaching and science.
Don’t mistake it for an industrial paradise only: practitioners too will leave IMCAS Asia enriched... So join us for our 6th Asian edition and stay at the top of your game: this is now where the big players meet.

Hoping for your participation, we extend a warm welcome to you to join us in enjoying Hong Kong hospitality!


Nouvelle lune du 23 Janvier 2012 que dit l'astrologue ...

Nous avons rendez-vous avec une Nouvelle lune très puissante en énergie qui nous demandera d?adopter un certain équilibre si l?on ne veut pas...

Imcas India - New Delhi - October 13 & 14, 2012


IMCAS INDIA - October 13 & 14, 2012


Who are we ?

What began more than a decade ago has now grown in terms of participation and renown. As such, IMCAS has become one of the most important international courses dedicated to Aging Skin Treatments. Our Annual Congress is held every year in Paris in late January and welcomes more than 4 500 delegates from 70 different countries.


Four sessions of IMCAS Conferences are held annually:


IMCAS ASIA in October 2012 in HONG KONG

IMCAS INDIA in October 2012 in NEW DELHI



What's happening in 2012 ?


We are pleased to welcome you to our third edition of IMCAS INDIA in Gurgaon- New Delhi.

The objectives for IMCAS India 2012 are:

to improve anatomical basis, physiopathology and to present studies overview to focus on practice with video & live demonstrations to bring controversy by debating clinical cases to present tips & tricks and the latest novelties in practice

India is definitely a place to be when it comes not only to the future, but even already to the present of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology. Our fields are growing so fast across the entire country.

Due to a growing economy, the whole Indian population is currently opening itself to the idea of plastic surgery. Nevertheless, the culture is very different, and the call for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures is not there driven by the same motivations it can be in Europe or America. India doesn’t look at aging, neither at older people the same way occident does and there’s a lot less pressure from the society about one’s age.

In 2011, India has shown a yearly growth rate of 6,1% making it the second largest growth after China. Moreover, India hosts the second largest population of the world, and the third fastest aging one.

But before (and beyond) figures, India symbolizes a different way to look at our medical aesthetic field.

‘‘Indian people are aging gracefully, and have by far higher respect for elder people.’’

Silvia Scherer, Managing Director Aesthetics, Anteis, Switzerland

Indian patients are not necessarily searching for a younger look but for a remodeling of the face, a way to feel better about themselves while completely assuming their age.

IMCAS INDIA 2012 Scientific Board

Benjamin ASCHER Plastic Surgeon, France

Daniel CASSUTO Plastic Surgeon, Italy

Malavika KOHLI Dermatologist, India

Mukta SACHDEV Dermatologist, India

Manoj KUMAR JOHAR Plastic Surgeon, India

Kuldeep SINGH, Plastic Surgeon, India


India thus teaches us that plastic surgery, as any medical specialty, can be the object of multiple approaches, and can be declined in many ways, with different goals and objectives according to the area of the world it’s been practiced in order to embrace local richness. One must adapt to each patient physiological, psychological but also cultural specificities.

So join us once again at IMCAS India, not only to learn the latest tips and techniques, but also to change the way you look at your own specialty. Open your mind, and welcome in India!

Adieu le post et merci

Cette fois-ci c'est bien fini ! Adieu, au revoir à toutes et tous et merci pour ces échanges qui ont rythmé les deux ans que j'ai passé ici.AU...

MWAC 2012- Marrakech World Aesthetic Conference-


For the first time, four recognized innovators have been united to organize an intensive course in injections and synergic procedures (Botulinum Toxin) for the rejuvenation and beauty enhancement of the face. Participants will be exposed to an in-depth, hands-on expertise, and will be personally taught by world-recognized experts in injectable.

The Congress board of directors has organized a complete course on volumetric reshaping of the face that encompasses in detail the treatments using fillers. Our congress is a unique new format in which each session consists of a « practical teaching course » exploring in detail a particular region of the face.

An extensive teaching course session on botulinum toxin and on its complementary utilization with fillers has been scheduled.

In each teaching course, the treatment options will be analyzed. In addition, the course directors will perform:

An assessment of  the surgical anatomy  by video cadaver dissections; An artistic analysis of the face and of the aging processes; Live injections by needles and  by cannulas.

We expect this year about 500 specialists in the fields of Aesthetic Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine, and Plastic Surgery from Morocco, Europe, Russia and Brazil.

The congress offers several reasons to exhibit:

Host a booth to meet the attendees and promote your products, equipment or services. Several sponsorship options are proposed. By including a booth, you will increase your visibility before, during and after the event.

We look forward to welcoming you to Marrakech-MWAC 2012 Congress.



The uniqueness of this congress lies also in the fact that it was designed to be attended not only by Dermatologist and Cosmetic Doctors but also by plastic surgeons. Indeed, the International Society of Plastic Regenerative Surgery ( will organize a master class on fat grafting. Eminent members of the board of ISPRES such as Sydney Coleman, Gino Rigotti, Guy Magalon, and many others have already confirmed their participation to mwac 2012.

This will be an opportunity to have plastic surgeons in close contact with the world of fillers others than fat.

Plenary sessions, multidisciplinary workshops, round tables and symposia are scheduled to take place in the Palmeraie Golf Palace.



Henrique CINTRA (Brazil), Simone VELOSO (Brazil), Wayne CAREY (Canada), Arthur SWIFT (Canada), Beatrice WANG  (Canada), Benjamin ASCHER (France), Philippe KESTEMONT (France), Guy MAGALON (France), Thierry MICHAUD (France), Ali MOJALLAL (France), Bernard MOLE (France), Antoine PARASKEVAS (France), Katrin DREISSIGACKER (Germany), Marita EISENMANN KLEIN (Germany), Gianluca CAMPIGLIO (Italy),

Daniel CASSUTO (Italy), Fabio INGALLINA (Italy), Alessandra MARCHI (Italy), Ricardo MAZZOLA (Italy), Gino RIGOTTI (Italy), Hakima BENCHIKHI (Morocco), Fahd BENSLIMANE (Morocco), Abdallah BOUCHTA (Morocco), Kamal IRAQI (Morocco), Nasser LAHLALI (Morocco), Wafaa MRADMI (Morocco), Souad TERRAB (Morocco), Constantin STAN  (Romania), Sydney COLEMAN (USA), Raj KANODIA (USA), Timothy MARTEN (USA), Robert WEISS (USA).

Comité d'organisation

Fahd Benslimane (Morocco), Fabio Ingallina (Italy), Wayne Carey (Canada), Antoine Paraskevas (France)

Comité scientifique

Pr. Fatim Zohra BELGNAOUI, Dr. Abdallah BOUCHTA, Dr. Rachid BRADLY, Pr. Abdassamad CHLIHI, Dr. Nasser LAHLALI, Pr. Nadia MANSOURI, Dr. Wafaa MRADMI, Pr. Saloua ETTALBI, Dr Souad TERRAB, Pr. Kawtar ZOUHEIR.

L'association Pourquoi sang priver est intervenue à Lyon.

  A l?occasion d?un don du sang organisé par l?Etablissement français du sang, l?association Pourquoi sang priver est intervenue à Lyon, afin de sensibiliser...

Dermatology for the Non-Dermatologist

American Medical Seminars, Inc. presents 22-25 live Primary Care Medical Seminars in Sarasota, Florida each year.  Our CME courses are Commercial Free and are approved for 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ as well as AAFP Prescribed Credits, ACEP Category 1 Credits, ACOG Cognates and AAP Credits for our Pediatric courses.  CME Courses, to include topics, objectives and certification can be found at  Can’t attend a live CME course? Check out our Self Study CME courses: Audio CME on CD/MP3 and Video CME on DVD/MP4 available in 5 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™, 10 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.


Our live CME courses format is that of morning sessions allowing participants time for study, family activities, and recreation. World famous beaches (Siesta Key, rated the #1 Beach by Dr. Beach), Ringling Museum, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, the Asolo Theater, Opera House, Selby Gardens, and Mote Marine Laboratory/Aquarium.  Sarasota is only a two hour drive to Disney World, Sea World and other Florida attractions.


Day 1 Introduction – Essentials of Dermatology Diagnosis. Common Problems in Office Dermatology. Select Principles of Dermatology Diagnosis and Treatment. Fever and Rash: A Common Sense Approach. Day 2 The Sun and the Skin: Photoaging, Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer, Photodermatosis and Sunscreens. Common Tumors in the Office Setting. Contact Dermatitis. Leg Ulcers and the Principles of Wound Care. Day 3 Acne: Pathophysiology and Treatment. Approach to Rosacea and the Red Face. Malignant Melanomas, Part I: Melanoma, Birthmarks. Malignant Melanomas, Part II: Nevi, Dysplastic Nevi. Day 4 Dermatology Emergencies. Clinical Pearls in Dermatology. Psoriasis. Herpes Simplex and Zoster; Lichen Planus. Day 5 Hair and Nail Disorders for the Primary Care Provider. Evidence-Based Case Studies in Dermatology. Pathophysiology and Treatment of Diabetic Ischemic and Neuropathic Foot Ulcers. “Cases That Have Taught Me a Lesson.”


Vulve ou prépuce, that is the question ?

Avez-vous jamais vu une vulve incirconcise, avec ces lèvres ridées et proéminentes, ça a l'air abominable, n'est ce pas ?

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